SLS Organizations Class B

Class B Organizations

Western Law is home to many clubs, so join and participate in as many as you are interested in! Clubs Day will take place in the first few weeks of September, so keep an eye out for these clubs and more on that day! More information will be provided to you through SLS Daily News, coming live to you every morning in your UWO inbox!

  • Animal Rights Association
  • Black Law Students Association
  • Business Law Society
  • Canadian US Law Institute
  • Charter Society
  • Christian Legal Fellowship
  • Criminal Law Students Association
  • East Asian Law Students Association
  • Entertainment & Sports Law Association
  • First Generation Network
  • Gender and the Law Association
  • International Law Association
  • In Vino Veritas
  • Jewish Law Society Association
  • Labour and Employment Law Society
  • Litigamers
  • Western Mining Law Club
  • Peer Support Program
  • Runnymede Society
  • South Asian Law Students Association
  • Western Environmental Law Association
  • Western Health Law Association
  • Western Intellectual Property Association
  • Western Journal of Legal Studies
  • Western Human Rights Society
  • Western Personal Injury Law Association
  • Western Law French Society
  • Western Law Real Estate Association
  • Western Law Tax Association

Animal Rights Association

An animal rights club is probably the single most effective way to get students active in animal rights at school and make a difference on campus. It’s a platform that enables educators and students to make the greatest amount of change. It also allows you more freedom to discuss animal rights issues in-depth without worries about justifying lessons because of Common Core or being considered too controversial.


Sarah Bowman (

Black Law Students’ Association

The Black Law Students’ Association (BLSA) – Western is a chapter of the national student-run non- profit organization, the Black Law Students’ Association of Canada. BLSA – Western is focused on sharing academic and professional opportunities with its members as well as creating a community for students at Western. BLSA Western also strives to help prospective law students learn about getting into law school and what a legal career entails.


Simi Osisanya (

Business Law Society

The Business Law Student Society (“BLSS”) is dedicated to helping Western Law students discover what the area of Business Law has to offer them. BLSS hopes to eliminate the perception that you need to have a business background in order to go into Business Law. Business Law overlaps with many other areas of law including Contract Law, Intellectual Property Law, Labour Law, and Criminal Law (just to name a few!). It also covers fascinating issues such as insider trading, mergers and acquisitions, and white collar crimes. Join the BLSS this year as we provide students with the opportunity to take part in competitions, network with industry professionals, and learn more about Business Law through social events.


Kristina Kalergis (

Sienna Hilley-Bland (

Canadian US Law Institute

The Canada – United States Law Institute (CUSLI) was founded in 1976 as a joint creation of Western Law and Case Western Reserve University School of Law in Cleveland, Ohio. The institute is a bi-national, non-for-profit, multidisciplinary entity that acts as a forum for the discussion of legal issues arising in the Canada-U.S. context. The organization sponsors conferences, forums, research opportunities, student internships and academic competitions.

The CUSLI Student Forum offers students the opportunity to compare the differing Canadian and U.S. approaches to different legal issues. Past topics have included the opioid crisis, firearm regulation, marijuana legalization and same-sex marriage. Students are also encouraged to apply for positions on the editorial board of the student led Canada-U.S. Law Journal.


Rebecca Ro (

Matthew Erdman (

Charter Society

The Charter Society is an organization unique to Western Law whose purpose is to educate the general public about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedomsas well as provide a forum for law students to learn about and discuss the Charter. We work on community education initiatives to engage the general public in conversations about the Charter, such as through our annual “Charter Exhibition” event, where we provide Charter posters to the public and highlight key Charter Rights and cases. We also host guest speakers, as well as social events for law students to discuss contemporary issues relating to Charter Rights, Freedoms, and Values. All are welcome and encouraged to join!

Christian Law Fellowship

The Christian Legal Fellowship provides a place for students to gather together for prayer meetings, Bible studies, and have discussions about faith and law. CLF hosts several events throughout the year where students can really get to know each other, and organizes some community volunteering opportunities. There is also an annual CLF student conference, where members from all 14 CLF law school chapters gather to learn more about practicing law as a person of faith. 


Alexander Reschke (

Kevin Kok (

Ashley Maciuk (

Criminal Law Students Association

The Criminal Law Students’ Association strives to bridge the gap between academic studies of criminal law and life as a criminal lawyer. Our aim is to increase interest in criminal law and to provide information and experiences to students already interested in this area.


Claire Sweeny (

Daniel Gartshore (

East Asian Law Students Association

The East Asian Law Students Association’s main purpose is to promote East Asian culture within the law school and a place for law students to gather and celebrate East Asian activities. Every year the committee facilitates networking events for students with East Asian lawyers in Toronto to provide a little more insight about working in the legal field as an East Asian. Moreover, the committee hosts a Chinese New Years Dinner to celebrate the academic year.


Jane Huang
Ryan Ho

Entertainment & Sports Law Association

The Entertainment & Sports Law Association (ESLA) aims to introduce students to the legal opportunities in the entertainment and sports industry. The ESLA is composed of students interested in combining their legal studies with their passion for all aspects of this exciting industry: music, film and television, sports, media, and more. The entertainment and sport industry creates unique legal challenges that require specialized knowledge in substantive areas of the law including civil procedure, contract law, corporate law, copyright law, labor law, and real estate law. ESLA’s mission is to expose our members to these areas through networking and speaker events. We also hold an annual internal moot competition with the winners representing Western Law at the Hockey Arbitration Competition of Canada.


Josh Ghatak (

Amy Morassutti (

Environmental Law Association

The Western Environmental Law Association (WELA) aims to facilitate students’ exploration of career opportunities in environmental law and to educate students in regards to environmental awareness and how it relates to legal practice. WELA allows students to cultivate their interest in environmentally-related practice areas in an informal environment outside of the classroom. Students have the opportunity to learn from environmental law and policy professionals – this reinforces and supports knowledge they may have from other courses on natural resource law, mining finance, etc. We host multiple events, including career panels and social events, throughout the year – we look forward to seeing you there!


Carson Healey (

First Generation Network Club

The First Generation Network is a non-profit organization aiming to reduce barriers law students face who are first in their family to complete post-secondary education. We work closely with law firms and student organizations to help first generation students prepare for their future legal careers.


Zachary Sippel (

Gender and the Law Association

GALA believes that gender and the law are inextricably linked. We work to raise awareness and advocate change in gender-based injustices in law and in the legal profession. GALA aims to approach this change with an intersectional feminist lens. We encourage people of all genders to join our anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and anti-colonial efforts. Some of our work includes: organizing an annual internal moot competition, hosting various speaker events, arranging a trip to Yale Law School’s Rebellious Lawyering Conference, organizing #LawNeedsFeministBecause campaigns, updating the community about relevant court cases and current events, and sharing other gender-related resources. GALA is one of the few student organizations at Western Law to regularly welcome first-year students to serve as executive members . Visit us on Facebook or Twitter (@uwogala) to learn more about our activities.


Leigh Clark (

International Law Association

The Western International Law Association (ILA) strives to spark interest in international law by providing resources to better understand and seek opportunities in the field. International law affects each and every one of us, and there are a wide variety of roles and career pathways for those interested. ILA aims to have events such as panel discussions, documentary screenings, and social events. We hope you get involved with ILA and look forward to seeing you soon.


Harminder Mundi (
Rebecca Ro (

In Vino Veritas

Aims to educate our student body about the intricate and fascinating world of wine, including wine appreciation, the wine making process, and wine etiquette. We are committed to promoting sustainability and supporting the local economy by familiarizing students with the quality of Ontario wines and creating awareness for the wine-making regions of Canada. The club’s goal is to bridge the gap between past and present students by organizing events where alumni and students can network in a relaxed atmosphere. This year, our goal is to have more events and networking opportunities as well as greater exposure to the student body.


Rayanna Hamadi (

Jewish Law Society Association

The JLSA is part of a network of Jewish law student organizations across Canada. We primarily serve as an informal source of support and advice for our members, while occasionally organizing educational and social events throughout the school year. Some of our events have included monthly lunchtime seminars, Shabbat dinners, multi-faith programs, and pub nights. We are committed to enriching your Jewish experience at law school and are always open to new ideas for events.


Alanya Nimüe

Tamar Klein (

Labour and Employment Law Society

Western Law’s Labour and Employment Law Society (“LELS”) is a student-run organization promoting the practice and study of labour, employment and everything in between. We organize several career-building and social events throughout the year, including a pub night, several moots, a career panel and a tour of Toronto’s leading labour and employment firms.
Whether you’re passionate about business or social justice; see yourself representing employers, unions or individual employees; or whether you’re looking for the rush of litigation and advocacy, the intricacies of drafting contracts or the thrill of striking a deal and connecting with others—whatever it was that brought you to law school, chances are you’ll find it in labour and employment law.


Milica Bijelic (
Michael Forbes-Lee (


We are a student chapter of the Canadian charitable organization Level: Changing Lives Through Law. Level’s mission is to ‘level’ barriers to justice by disrupting prejudice, building empathy and advancing human rights. We envision a world where every person is treated with dignity, can exercise their fundamental human rights, and has the opportunity to thrive.

Since 2005, Level’s Chapter Program has motivated tomorrow’s lawyers, leaders and change-makers to champion social justice causes and make positive contributions to their communities. Focused on an annual theme, the Western Law chapter organizes community events and fundraisers, drafts and disseminates educational information, and hosts conferences.


Cassandra Laperriere (


An organization devoted to bringing game players together. Schools and universities are common venues for game clubs. Other game clubs meet in members’ homes. These can be role-playing games, board games, German-style board games, card games and collectible card games. Will provide space and create a place where gamers can interact, learn and play games, meet, and relax from legal studies. Some games are, by their nature, so complex and time-consuming that finding an optimal number of opponents may be difficult in some areas without an organization to bring players together. Some games, such as chess, have such a disparity of skill between beginners and experts that a ranking system may be helpful in matching up players of comparable skill. In addition, members may share books and other paraphernalia related to their games. Fun to catch a slice and play a game with a friend.


Ben Pinfold (

Liam Thompson (

Tim Lee (

Western Law Mining Club

Mining Law is committed to creating the connection between law and the natural resources and environment industries. Whether you have a connection to these sectors, or you are merely interested in learning more about law in these areas, mining law wants to help. The club also supports students wishing to complete the Global Sustainability Certificate offered through Western Law. Our primary events in the year are a trip to a mine site, and a trip to Toronto for the annual mining convention: the PDAC.


OUTLaws Western provides a positive space for self-identified queer law students and allies, and nurtures a queer-positive community at Western Law.

We are part of the Canada-wide OUTLaws network that deals with queer issues across the country.

OUTLaws Western provides a forum to examine law, gender expression, and sexual orientation. We strive to increase visibility of queer people and legal issues through social events, and by hosting speakers, engaging in activism, and organizing professional development events.

Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


Lindsay Armstrong (
Madison Howell (

Peer Support

The Peer Support Program is a confidential service, run by students for students, to assist in managing the trials and tribulations of law school. The Program seeks to pair students up with an upper year or same year Mentor based on need and similarity. The Mentor and client sit down to collaborate and find effective solutions to their current needs. During the session, the client is able to discuss freely and openly with their Mentor anything they want to in a confidential setting. In the past, sessions have included topics such as: managing the law school work load, living away from home for the first time, navigating the job recruitment process, and social life at law school. The Program is a great resource for students facing difficulties in law school and who want to have a supportive and safe outlet to discuss their current challenges with another student.


Madeline Benn (

Anah Mirza (

Runnymede Society

Tired of an unchallenged orthodoxy of ideas? Seeking open discussion of serious legal issues? Interested in networking with the largest group of freethinking professors, practitioners, and judges in Canada? Look no further!

The Runnymede Society is an apolitical national law student organization dedicated to exploring the ideas and ideals of constitutionalism, classical liberalism, and the rule of law. Through on-campus debate and discussion, our mission is to ensure free speech and intellectual diversity remain an active part of Canadian law school life.

Regardless of your personal politics, if you are interested in participating in the front-lines of Canadian legal culture, then this is the organization for you. To learn more about Runnymede, the benefits it offers, and how to join, please visit our website:


Emerson Wargel (

Chris Harrison (

The Society for Disabled Law Students and Advocates

This is a new club for law students with disabilities and advocates. It would be open to persons with any time of disability, impairment, or challenge, as well as anyone who is interested in being an advocate for the rights of these persons. This includes physical disabilities, mental health issues, and learning disorders. The intent of the club is to provide a community of like-minded law students who are dedicated to equality, advocacy, and having fun! If you have any questions please contact Founder and President Lauren Sanders at


Lauren Sanders (

South Asian Law Students Association

The South Asian Law Students’ Association (SALSA) celebrates equity and diversity. We are a student group that is open to everyone in the Western Law community who is curious to learn more about the South Asian community, culture, and cuisine. SALSA aims to add to the diversity of the clubs already present at Western Law by providing students with yet another opportunity to get involved in the school’s community. SALSA respects and celebrates the diversity and multiculturalism of the student body at Western Law and hopes to provide members with networking opportunities through lectures, panels, and social events.


Harminder Mundi (
Himmat Jass (
Weylin Lobo (

Western Health Law Association

The Health Law Association organizes events and activities designed to introduce students to the field of health law. We aim to facilitate connections between students and practitioners and to make students aware of potential career opportunities in health law. We host events on a variety of health law related topics such as medical malpractice, health law policy and professional discipline. The Health Law Association is proud to hold the annual Legate Medical Malpractice Moot. The moot provides 32 students with practical trial-level advocacy experience in the health law field.


Sydney Dennis-Birnbaum (

Maneet Dhillon (

Western Intellectual Property Association

Western Intellectual Property Association (WIPA) is a student-run organization that provides resource to help students interested in pursuing a career in intellectual property law to learn more about this field of practice. WIPA acts as a liaison between the law school and the student body to provide students with information aboutWestern Law’s area of concentration in Intellectual Property and Information Technology (IPIT). Every year, WIPA hosts a speakers panel series with established IP practitioners to share their experience and organizes firm tours to help students build a professional network in the IP field. We also host several social events throughout the year for students to meet and connect with others who share a common interest in IP law.


Weylin Lobo (

Sam Wasserman (

Western Journal of Legal Studies

Founded in 2011 by Western Law students, the Western Journal of Legal Studies is a student-run and open-access on-line law review dedicated to the publication of original, intellectually-provocative, and academically rigorous contributions to legal scholarship. In working to promote open-access legal scholarship in Canada, the WJLS provides opportunities for law students at Western to engage in the critical assessment, editorial preparation, and final publication of academic papers on pressing legal topics. The WJLS welcomes high-quality submissions from students, legal professionals, and academics. The WJLS is an excellent way to improve your legal writing skills, gain exposure to different intellectual perspectives and approaches to legal scholarship, and network with the legal community. We encourage all first-year students to apply for the Staff Editor position this fall, regardless of your editorial experience. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone on the Executive Team if you have any questions!


Don Karl Roberto (

Western Personal Injury Law Association

Personal injury (PI) and insurance law are growing fields and for this reason we have noticed more interest in these practice areas among our peers. The main goal of a personal injury and insurance law association is to provide opportunities for students at Western Law to broaden their understanding and knowledge of PI and insurance law and to meet, collaborate, and learn from other students who share this interest.
We hold primarily educational events, with PI and insurance law professionals coming to give talks or sit on panels which we host at Western Law. We also host firm tours in London and Toronto to provide students with opportunities to meet PI and insurance professionals and learn about these practice areas, and socials, in collaboration with other student organizations, where students can meet other students interested in PI and insurance law.


Carson Healey (

Western Law French Society

The Western Law French Society’s mission is to showcase and promote Francophone culture in Western Law. We aim to highlight the culture and the benefits of speaking French, as well as introduce you to the francophone opportunities Western Law has to offer. Come join us for movie nights, trivia events, and more!


Mary Belykh (

Western Law Tax Association

The Tax Law Association aims to provide more information and clarity about the work of a Tax Lawyer. The committee invites industry leading Tax experts to speak about their work and creates an unique opportunity for law students to learn about the inner workings of Tax Law. Moreover, the committee aims to provide opportunities for students to learn more about Tax Law and hopefully promote more students to consider Tax Law as a career.


Sean Timlick (
Carson Healey (