The SLS is governed by its Constitution and By-Laws. Our constating and policy documents were largely redrafted during the 2017-2018 academic year and ratified on April 3, 2018. Capitalized terms used but not defined below will have the meaning set forth in the SLS Constitution.

Click here for the SLS Policy PDF

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The SLS Constitution

The SLS Constitution sets out a number of important procedures and duties of the SLS, including:

  • The mission of the SLS;
  • The voting and non-voting members of the SLS and their respective duties;
  • Procedures for ratifying and de-ratifying Organizations;
  • The underlying power of the SLS to collect fees from Members and the duty to Publish an annual budget;
  • Meeting procedures, quorum, limitations, and requirements;
  • Procedures for implementing constitutional amendments and for the creation, repeal and amendments of SLS By-Laws; and
  • Constitutional publication requirements.

SLS By-Laws

There are six By-Laws enacted under the SLS Constitution:

SLS Fiscal Policy (the “Fiscal Policy”)

  • The Fiscal Policy governs ratification of organization budgets, event approvals, remittances, the professional development fund, and penalties for failing to act pursuant to this By-Law.
  • SLS Members should refer to this By-Law for any budgetary concerns or requests whether it be related to an organization or otherwise.

SLS Equality By-Law (the “Equality By-Law”)

  • The Equality By-Law outlines the purpose of the by-law, creation, appointment and composition of the Equality Team, the duties and powers of the Equality Team and the Equality Standards that subjects of this By-Law (defined in Schedule A to the Equality By-Law) must adhere to.
  • SLS Members should refer to the Equality By-Law for any concerns or questions related to equality, the Equality Team or SLS decision making.

SLS Elections By-Law (the “Elections By-Law”)

  • The Elections By-Law sets out SLS elections (SLS executive, SLS year-reps and Valedictorian) procedures including: timing, nominations, campaigning, and associated penalties and violations.
  • SLS Members should refer to the Elections By-Law to resolve questions about SLS Elections.

SLS Selections By-Law (the “Selections By-Law”)

  • The Selections By-Law sets out the Selection Team whom is given the responsibility of selecting SLS Members to fill the positions set out in the By-Law as well as the classification of SLS organizations as A or B.
  • SLS Members should refer to the Selections By-Law when they have questions about the selection procedures for SLS organizations and classification of organizations.

Law Students Society of Ontario (the “LSSO By-Law”)

  • The LSSO By-Law establishes SLS membership in the LSSO and any associated responsibilities and delegates required.

Other Policies

  • Conventions and Resolutions – Regarding parties’ speaking at SLS meetings
  • Committee Consideration Guidelines – Regarding SLS decision-making framework
    • Students should refer to this when applying to ratify a new committee or association, applying for a budget development or extension, applying for event approval, making a PDF request, and applying to be a committee chair.

SLS Meeting Minutes

View the SLS Meeting Minutes (OWL login required)

The SLS meets every week to discuss ongoing matters at the law school. The SLS Constitution sets out SLS meeting requirements including the duty of VP Administration to publish the minutes from all SLS Meetings. As such, meeting minutes are posted here once ratified.