About the sls

Our mission is to provide Western Law students with the best law school experience.

student government

representing your interests

We have the best instructors

We are the representative body of students at Western University’s Faculty of Law. We work hard to promote the academic, personal and professional development of the student body, and we seek to enhance the student experience through policy initiatives that reflect student interests and needs.

We help create stuff

The SLS funds and organizes professional, academic, athletic, and social activities for Western Law students throughout the year. Through our committees and clubs, we ensure that your experience at Western Law is amazing from the first day you arrive until you graduate

Constitutionally Bound

We operate in accordance with our constitution and by-laws to oversee, fund and facilitate student-run initiatives that contribute to the betterment of the Western Law Student Experience. To see how our decisions are made, head over to the Objectives and Policy page.

always listening

More than anything else, we are here for you! Therefore, we love to hear your thoughts, opinions and feedback. To get in touch, contact us here, learn more about our team on our About Us page, or stop by our office anytime.


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Who we are

The SLS Committee is made up of elected student representatives from the Faculty of Law. It includes a six person executive and three representatives from each year of law school (1L, 2L and 3L). These fifteen students are joined by our Chair and Equality Liaisons, who bring order and insight to our decision making.