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How-to Guides

We get it: navigating the SLS’s bureaucracy can be confusing. That’s why we’ve made these handy how-to guides to get you started. Whether you want to ratify a club, get an event approved, or book a room, we have you covered.

If you are attending or would like to attend an off-campus event that is relevant to your legal career, we may be able to provide funding. The Professional Development Fund (PDF), which is jointly funded with Western Law’s administration, can be used to support your professional activities. For more details on the PDF, please visit it’s page here.

Western Law has many student-run organizations whose various mission statements cover a spectrum of social, political, professional, athletic, leisure and academic pursuits. With that said, we are always looking to grow our organizations to meet the needs and interests of our student body. Do you have an idea for new organization that will enhance the Western Law student experience? If so, we encourage you to fill out a “New Organization Request Form.” To access the request form, please find the link at bottom of the SLS Daily.

Once you are a recognized organization, you can receive funding from the SLS. To access your organization’s allocated budget (as provided by the SLS), you need to submit an “Event Approval Form” outlining what you plan to spend your money on. Please find a link to the online form at the bottom of the SLS Daily.

Please be sure to review “Part IV – Event Approval Policy” of the SLS Fiscal Policy, contained in the SLS Policy Documents found here.

All students at Western Law can book rooms throughout the law school to hold meetings, events, and other functions provided they are approved by Western Law’s administration (i.e. this is outside of the SLS’s purview). You can fill out a room booking request here. You will need to enter your Western Login ID to access the request form.

Tip on filling out the room booking form: To make life easier for Western Law’s administration, please make sure to check the Western Law Events Calendar on OWL to check that the room you are booking is available and that no other significant events are happening at the same time.

The SLS will exercise its discretion in granting a budget extension to an organization when it is merited by the circumstances. To apply for a budget extension, please submit a Budget Extension Request Form (a link to the online form is available at the bottom of the SLS Daily).

If possible, please submit your Budget Extension Request prior to the time when you will need the increased funding as it may take some time to get it approved. Requests for budget extensions after the occurrence of the event that the funding is being requested for will only be considered if extenuating circumstances can be shown.

For more information, please consult the SLS Fiscal Policy in the SLS Policy Documents here.

If your organization has incurred expenses and you’d like to use your organization’s budget to cover these costs, you will need to request a reimbursement from the SLS. To do this:

  1. Fill out a Reimbursement Request Form;
  2. Attach any and all receipts for all claimed expenses; and
  3. Return these documents to the SLS Office no later than 30 days from the date of purchase displayed on the receipt(s).

Please note that all reimbursement requests must be signed by a Chair of your organization and not by the individual requesting the reimbursement.

For more information, please consult the SLS Fiscal Policy in the SLS Policy Documents here.