SLS Organizations

SLS organizations are autonomous groups of students interested in a particular area of law or other social endeavours, operating under the auspices of the SLS.

SLS organizations can receive SLS funding for events, programming and initiatives.  Currently, there are 22 recognized organizations at Western Law:

  • Aboriginal Law Society
  • Amicus Curae
  • Black Law Students’ Association
  • Business Law Student Society
  • Canadian Lawyers for International Human Rights
  • Christian Legal Fellowship
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Association
  • Court and County
  • Criminal Law Students Association
  • East Asian Law Students Association
  • Entertainment and Sports Law Association
  • Gender and the Law Association (GALA)
  • Health Law Association
  • In Vino Veritas
  • International Law Association (ILA)
  • Jewish Law Students’ Association
  • Labour Law Society
  • Law and Innovation Policy Society
  • LEVEL (formerly Canadian Lawyers Abroad)
  • Mature Students’ Society
  • Mining Law Society
  • Muslim Law Students Association
  • OUTlaws Western
  • Phi Delta Phi
  • Running from the Law
  • South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA)
  • Tax Law Association (TLA)
  • UWO Law Card and Board Game Society
  • Western Environmental Law Association
  • Western Intellectual Property Association
  • Western Journal of Legal Studies
  • Western Law French Society (La société française de Western Law)
  • Western Law Karaoke Organization
  • Western Law Rugby Association
  • Western Law Squash League
  • Western’s Animal Law Society

Clubs Day, held during the Fall Term, gives students the opportunity to learn about and join any and all organizations.