Our Fantastic Team

Our team is composed of some of the most enthusiastic, well-rounded students at Western Law. Each year, we work to ensure that all students at Western Law have the best educational and social experience at law school.

Shane Freedman


Tea Prpa

VP Student Affairs

As the VP Student Affairs, Tea is responsible for overseeing and facilitating and facilitates student initiatives at Western Law. Currently in her third and final year at Western Law, Tea has had the opportunity to be a part of a number of extracurriculars which has only increased her ability to support students in achieving their goals through all the Organizations at Western Law. She enjoys watching crime dramas, reading Dan Brown novels, and playing volleyball with friends.

Anna Toth

VP Academic Affairs

With a tendency towards introversion, optimism, and visualization, Anna likes collaborating over coffee, catching up in Chambers, and seeking out opportunities to be creative (be it through music, photography, doodling…etc.). As VP Academic, Anna is cognizant that law school means different things to different people; and will do her best to ensure that each student has the resources and support they need to reach their goals.

Josh Hollenberg

VP External Affairs

Josh is your VP External, which means he represents the Western Law student body to the rest of Western University and world outside the law school. Josh can most often be found in the SLS office, where he’s always ready to lend a hand or an ear if you have an issue, problem, or suggestion on how things could be done differently. Outside of class, Josh enjoys squash, long-distance running, and Dennings.

Hayley Gilbert

VP Finance

Kiri Latuskie

VP Administration

Connor Allison

3L Representative

Connor is returning for his second year on the SLS as a class representative. He is always looking for ways to ensure his classmates get the most out of their time at Western Law. Connor strives to achieve this objective through his involvement in various clubs and attendance at a variety of school initiatives so that he can effectively understand and represent the diversity of opinions in his class.

Sukaina Afsal

3L Representative

Sakshi Pachisia

3L Representative

Sakshi is currently in her 6th year at Western (#DinoStatus). She has been involved with various committees and clinics at Western before joining the SLS in her final year, including Wellness Committee, Community Outreach Committee, Pro Bono Students Canada, and LEVEL. She spends most of her free time planning vacations, or watching bad Shonda Rhimes shows on Netflix. She was also an RA at Western, and so she knows way too much about this University. Feel free to reach out to her at any time and she would love to grab some coffee with you given her obsession with Starbucks.

Rachel Park

2L Representative

Rachel is a dual degree student studying business and law. This is her fourth year at Western and she will always say with confidence that we are incredible lucky to call Western home. Find Rachel in the hallways, chambers, or the Spoke and say hello! She is always looking to meet more Western law students and know how you are doing.

Avi Freedland

2L Representative

Emma Compeau

2L Representative

Emma is new to SLS, and is looking forward to actively contributing to student culture and life at Western Law. Focusing on community-building events that enrich our collective experience, she is thrilled to be representing 2L students for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Coming September 2018!

1L Representative

Coming September 2018!

1L Representative

Coming September 2019!

1L Representative

Stuart Borenovich


Coming Soon!

Communication & Technology Chair

Coming Soon

Equality Representative

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